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Virtual Meeting Rooms

Meet with Anyone, Anywhere, at Any Time in Virtual Meeting Rooms

A virtual meeting room is very similar to a physical meeting room.  The room has a name, seats for participants, and presentation tools that allow you to share information and collaborate.  These tools include PCs, Macs, Tablets, and perhaps smartphones connecting to displays physically or wirelessly.  The fundamental difference between the two is the seats for participants.  In a virtual meeting room, the seats can be anywhere, connected to the meeting room via an internet link.  This makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to connect with any device to the room.  This allows us to conduct business at any time and remove geography as a barrier.  It also allows us to reduce or remove travel and conduct business at a more rapid pace.

Purpose-built systems in physical meeting rooms can connect with anyone on any device, voice or video.  The VMR supports:

Meetings with multiple participants
Meetings can be held with as few as 3 participants to as many as 100 depending on the type of system or service.
Connectivity with any device
Participants can connect via purpose-built videoconferencing systems, PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, or office telephones.
Information sharing
Information can be shared from any multi-media device connected to the purpose-built system or any application or file on the PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone depending upon the type of service deployed.

With virtual meeting rooms, location barriers disappear. You can hold productive meetings anytime, anywhere to keep your business on the move!

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Case Study

Rogers & Gray now uses the system to conduct frequent wellness seminars and training to its employees as well as monthly and quarterly meetings across it's eight locations. Executives are now able to reach any location on video on a moments notice. Remote access is being implemented internally with intentions of rolling this out to Rogers & Gray's wider market as a customer service enhancement that further supports their reputation as a top regional company.  LEARN WHY LPS

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