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Case Studies

Case Studies

Northeast Carpenters
The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters has thirteen regional offices scattered throughout NY and NJ. For the past several years, the Council has tried to use video conferencing to reduce travel, increase frequency of face-to-face interactions, and improve communication with remote offices. The results were extremely disappointing: poor audio and video quality, connection issues, limited ability to share presentations during a call, inability to connect audio*only participants into a video call, etc. The frustration level was high and, as a result, they stopped using video conferencing altogether. View Solution

Connelly Foundation
Many inner city parochial elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia did not have the resources, both human and capital, to offer enriched math programs to their qualifying students. As a result, many of these students were looking at alternative educational institutions. View Solution

Rogers & Gray Insurance
Rogers & Gray Insurance Company is a Cape Cod and South Shore Massachusetts Insurance Agency with eight offices located throughout the region. Rogers & Gray has been recognized as a top 100 independent insurance agency in the country, accomplishing this by continuously educating its employees on new insurance regulations and changes in the health care and employee benefits industry as well as providing outstanding customer service to its clients. The training programs to keep them current required employees to frequently travel across the region, which resulted in significant costs to the company. This travel was impacted by a ten-fold increase in traffic during holiday and summer months because of the area’s attraction as a resort destination. View Solution

Iroko Pharmaceuticals
Iroko Pharmaceuticals was building a new facility to accommodate the growth of their business and was looking for a partner to help them design, implement, and support audio and visual technology that would be used through out the building. Previous partners had fallen short in the quality of workmanship and support the company expected. Since the onsite support staff was small, it was critical that any design be easy to use and not require any setup prior to use. View Solution

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