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The ultimate guide to video conferencing
How we communicate around the office and with our clients and customers is changing.  Where there was once costly travel, conference calls emerged to speed up the conversation and help expedite decision making.  Flash forward 20 years, and employees are working from home in greater numbers, mobile devices have become viable work machines and people are able to meet face to face over video with the click of a button.   View Resource

The rise and rise of the huddle room
The trend to open-plan office design over the past decade or so has left many companies with one major problem: a lack of private space. At the same time, videoconferencing technology has rapidly accelerated, and the ability it gives us to talk with clients and colleagues face-to-face – whether they're across town or on the other side of the globe – is now a given. Huddle rooms are so hot right now. But what are they, and how can you turn yours into a cutting-edge communication tool that boosts collaboration across borders?   View Resource

The remote worker revolution is upon us
Companies like IBM, AT&T and American Express have been leaders in the remote worker revolution. See how this trend has changed the way companies do business.   View Resource

How do you choose the best videoconferencing system?
The top 10 factors to consider when choosing a videoconferencing service Videoconferencing (VC) is becoming a critical part of today’s rapidly evolving digital workplace. It can reduce travel time and costs, supercharge productivity, and optimize communications for a global and mobile workforce. But given that no two businesses are the same, it is crucial that you choose a VC system that matches the needs of your workforce and fits into your budget. There’s plenty of competition for the VC dollar right now...    View Resource

Beyond the conference: more things to do with video conferencing
What started off as a useful but rather limited way of getting two people to have an on-screen chat at work or at home has become a mainstay for many industries. It is little wonder more companies are discovering there’s so much more you can do with video conferencing. Enthusiasts say the only thing limiting its use is your imagination.   View Resource

There’s a revolution going on in distance learning
Digital technologies are transforming distance learning. By offering material in more accessible and engaging formats, they’re helping students around the country access the education system.    View Resource

How virtual reality is transforming videoconferencing
In today's global business world, collaboration is a must.  Right now, high-definition videoconferencing is the next best thing to having everyone together in the same room - but virtual reality (VR) could transform the way we collaborate.  Immersive Meetings Virtual Reality (VR) has already made a splash in the gaming industry, where participants can race, battle, and hunt for treasure in vivid 360-degree digital landscapes.   View Resource

Getting the human side of videoconferencing right
Videoconferencing (VC) has come of age.  Thanks to advances in software and hardware, we now have high-definition (HD) visual, great audio quality and simple plug-and-play interfaces that make communicating and collaborating with colleagues easy, no matter where they are.  VC technology can create an experience that's richer and more complete than any phone call can hope to be.    View Resource

Why your board meetings need video
Video conferencing (VC) has come a long way from the days of shaky pictures, connections that drop out and endless technical glitches.  That's largely thanks to technology advances like high speed wireless networks and software solutions that produce HD visuals and great audio quality using simple plug-and-play interfaces.   View Resource

CES 2018: What you may have missed
The annual Las Vegas-based CES show is the epicenter of the global technology industry.  From the coolest new consumer gadgets to the major business trends that will change the way we work, here's a quick summary of what you have have missed in 2018.  1 tech toys for the early adopters CES 2018 introduced a range of new consumer goodies that have early adopters chomping at the bit.  From smart home devices that connect Amazon, Google and Apple services to sophisticated personal health...  View Resource

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