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Purpose-built Systems

Experience the Optimum in Ease-of-Use and Quality with Systems Built Specifically for Video Conferencing

Purpose-built systems are engineered for one purpose only, to provide the very best solution that delivers optimum quality and unparalleled ease of use for the environment that it is installed in.  They are designed to integrate with the latest in AV and presentation technologies and support environments from as small as huddle rooms to as large as auditoriums and banquet halls.  The systems are standards-based and designed to inter-operate with systems and services offered by multiple manufacturers.

Cameras are equipped with a wide-angle lens, a 70 to 82 degree field of view, and up to a 10x zoom.  Auto focus, auto-framing and automatic gain control with 10 camera presets (near or far end) round out their optical capabilities.   Intuitive speakerphones integrated with control capabilities make voice and video communications life-like and overall system control effortless.   The feature set emulates smart-phone and tablet functionality, guiding the user through the features with context related options.

Because the systems are purpose-built, they support:

Flexible information sharing
Information can be presented and shared from any multi-media source, whether it be a camera, a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or digital microscope.  Purpose-built systems offer the most flexibility!

Wired or wireless data-sharing port access
The interface to the system's data-sharing port can be either wired via DVI or HDMI connections, or wireless using devices from Ubiq, Crestron, Barco, or Apple to name a few.
Multi-participant interoperability
Purpose-built systems are standards-based and connect to a wide variety of network based video bridges or virtual meeting rooms.
Multiple display formats
Output to the display can be changed per location to suit the application requirements of the participants.  Views can be changed from displaying both video and information sharing to video only or information sharing only.
Integrated VoIP functionality
Purpose-built devices are interoperable with VoIP networks, allowing anyone on a cell phone or regular phone line to connect to the meeting.
Options for different environments
Systems are available for different sized rooms ranging from huddle rooms for 3 to 5 people to large auditoriums with advanced AV devices and multiple cameras.

LPS’ purpose-built video conferencing systems give you the ultimate in flexibility and enhanced functionality, enabling you to break the barriers of video deployments and free your organization to use video the way you’ve always wanted to.

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Lifesize Purpose Built Appliances

Video Overview of Lifesize Appliances and Services

Case Study

For the first time since the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters made their initial investment in video conferencing, they have been able to reliably hold successful video calls in HD with all 13 locations.  The Council is now able to realize the cost savings and improved communications they had expected, and the usage is growing rapidly on a daily basis.  The success is due to fully understanding the Council's environment and applying a solution that was right for this specific customer. LEARN WHY LPS

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