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The pace and cost of employee learning and development in the technology sector have grown dramatically. Naturally, organizations have sought out more flexible delivery options to support newer and younger members of their workforce. Video collaboration has emerged as a preferred option to bridge this generational gap and improve cost effectiveness of delivery.

With high definition video conferencing, you will be able to:

Speed time to market. Video enables remote and collaborative development teams to be market driven rather than reactive. You will be equipped to capitalize on new market opportunities, respond to changes in customer preferences, and improve time to market dramatically.

Engage in a collaborative environment. Through the use of video development, teams are able to work together in a more collaborative, persistent, and immersive manner without the need to travel. This capability has proven to be vital to high performance development teams.

Increase development productivity. Many development teams are geographically dispersed. Enabling team members with video conferencing, data sharing, recording of key meetings, and document sharing significantly improves productivity.

Manage global development teams. Through video collaboration, you can manage projects in global and distributed environments, maintain access to remote skilled workers, and accelerate the sharing of information worldwide.

Attract and retain top technology talent. Employees today are demanding that they spend less time travelling and more time being productive. Video conferencing plays an important role in achieving work-life balance. By being more efficient, employees are able to use their time more flexibly and maintain high levels of work satisfaction.

Increase sales and revenue. The ubiquitous and immersive capabilities of video conferencing is a proven tool in Business-to-Business sales. Sales and marketing teams are utilizing video to conduct product demonstrations, collaborate with customers, access subject matter experts, and close deals.

Build your practice through video conferencing that will help you increase your efficiency, impact, and billable time.

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