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Video Conferencing - Manufacturing

Make Manufacturing More Efficient Every Day

Efficiency, quality, and timeliness are watchwords for the manufacturing industry. And while that may be difficult enough to achieve with one production facility, the challenge increases exponentially when you have multiple facilities, often spread across the globe. High definition video conferencing can bring manufacturers, suppliers, and customers together, boosting productivity and satisfaction without requiring travel that eats up time and money.

With video conferencing, your manufacturing goals will be supported through:

Instant collaboration. Bring together stakeholders and technical experts from across your sites and around the world to discuss key projects, issues, challenges, and opportunities.

Content sharing. You can easily share content with other meeting participants, including presentations, spreadsheets, and videos.

Relationship management. Your suppliers and your customers often need “face time.” You can have that face time regularly and maintain strong working relationships, without the delay and expense of traveling.

Onsite inspections. Sometimes a report isn’t enough – you need to see a facility (your own or a supplier’s) for yourself. With video conferencing, you can do so easily.

Mobile connectivity. Manufacturing personnel often can’t leave their tasks to attend meetings – especially impromptu ones. But with mobile video conferencing, you can connect with anyone, whether they are on the shop floor, performing a plant inspection, or visiting with a customer.

Improved decision-making. Being able to observe manufacturing operations firsthand leads to streamlined operations as inefficiencies are identified, discussed, and resolved by key stakeholders.

From customer relations to supply chain management, video conferencing makes manufacturing more efficient every day!

Case Study

Iroko Pharmaceuticals was building a new facility to accommodate the growth of their business and was looking for a partner to help them design, implement, and support audio and visual technology that would be used through out the building. Previous partners had fallen short in the quality of workmanship and support the company expected. Since the onsite support staff was small, it was critical that any design be easy to use and not require any setup prior to use.

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