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Increase Productivity in Legal and Judicial Work Flows and Services

The ability to read facial reactions, body language, and eye contact can be as important as the words that people speak to one another. For an attorney, the ability to see a client face to face and observe the nuances of facial expression can make a crucial difference in the eventual outcome of a case. When you can’t be there in person, high definition video conferencing can bridge the physical distance.

By leveraging video conferencing in your legal or judicial practice, you can:

Access the specialists needed to get the job done. Conference with clients. Because of its immersive characteristics, high definition video conferencing helps people feel engaged and comfortable – an essential in legal matters – as if they were face to face.

Be available anytime. Important calls don’t always come in during office hours. Fortunately, you can conference with a client or team member anytime, even from your mobile phone.

Collaborate for case preparation. Your legal team may reside in or be traveling to different locations, but that doesn’t have to inhibit your collaboration process. Work together anytime, anywhere to keep your case on target.

Obtain depositions and testimony. Witnesses and experts may live far from you, but you can interview them, take depositions, and obtain testimony right from your office, recording all proceedings for future playback.

Access worldwide experts. Bolster your cases by enlisting the assistance, input, and testimony of subject matter experts from almost any location worldwide.

Reach new markets. Don’t limit your practice to your current geographical location. Through video conferencing, you can gain national and even international clientele.

Share documentation and presentations. You can easily share content with other meeting participants, including presentations, spreadsheets, and videos.

Recruit employees. Phone interviews don’t always tell you what you really need to know. Instead, interview candidates via video conferencing so you can see how they truly present and carry themselves.

Conduct ongoing education. Your legal staff can deepen their knowledge, skills, and expertise via interactive distance learning.

Build your practice through video conferencing that will help you increase your efficiency, impact, and billable time.

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