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Keep in Step with a Global Marketplace

Whether you are an individual financial planner or a global financial services institution, you are faced with the same challenge: the marketplace today is in a constant state of change, and you need to make sure you stay on top of it. Your clients – both individuals and businesses – are depending on you to keep them financially solvent.

High definition video conferencing helps you meet your clients’ needs, whether the marketplace is quiet or on the move:

Conference with clients. Because of its immersive characteristics, high definition video conferencing helps people feel engaged and comfortable – an essential in financial matters – as if they were face to face.

Be available anytime. Important calls don’t always come in during office hours. Fortunately, you can be responsive to your client or team members anytime, even from your mobile phone.

Collaborate between offices. You may have offices or personnel spread across the country or around the world. Keep in touch with them regularly to collaborate about accounts, clients, and projects.

Share content. You can easily share content with other meeting participants, including presentations, spreadsheets, and videos.

Conduct ongoing education. Your staff can deepen their financial expertise, stay on top of changing regulations, and expand their knowledge via interactive distance learning.

Strengthen third-party partnerships. The financial services industry is driven by third-party partnerships with fund managers, financial products partners, analysts, etc. Keep in touch with your strategic partners through high definition video conferencing.

The marketplace is uncertain – that is a given. But your financial business can remain on solid footing when you leverage video conferencing.

Case Study

Rogers & Gray Insurance Company is a Cape Cod and South Shore Massachusetts Insurance Agency with eight offices located throughout the region. Rogers & Gray has been recognized as a top 100 independent insurance agency in the country, accomplishing this by continuously educating its employees on new insurance regulations and changes in the health care and employee benefits industry as well as providing outstanding customer service to its clients. The training programs to keep them current required employees to frequently travel across the region, which resulted in significant costs to the company. This travel was impacted by a ten-fold increase in traffic during holiday and summer months because of the area’s attraction as a resort destination.

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