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Rising competition in the engineering, construction, and utilities industry means that your company will need to have a greater presence to be successful – in your city and your region, and perhaps even across the country and around the world. You have to be able to make decisions about projects and job sites fast: you can’t afford the time, expense, and delays involved in traveling from place to place and from site to site.

High definition video conferencing brings you anywhere you need to go, right when you need to be there, enabling you to:

Access the specialists needed to get the job done. Organizing large projects requires access to a variety of disciplines. Through video conferencing, you can increase your collaboration with specialists from around the world.

Eliminate unnecessary and costly delays. Collaborate and make decisions faster with video conferencing, keeping your employees, contractors, and subcontractors on task while saving time and money.

Share information in an instant. Share detailed blueprints, drawings, or data resources both on and off the job site, zooming in to focus on even the tiniest detail. Even physical documents can be shared with unparalleled quality via High Definition Document Cameras.

Support "green" building initiatives. Green building practices extend beyond the worksite. For instance, traveling less reduces the carbon footprint of your business.

Move your business forward. High definition video conferencing improves your bottom line and fuels your growth by reducing travel time and costs, increasing personnel efficiency and productivity, minimizing downtime, and leveraging collaboration among employees.

Make your business truly global. Organize and manage projects overseas in areas where there is great demand, instead of waiting for business opportunities at home. Keep up with and even surpass the competition with multiple, global job sites.

With video conferencing, you can design and build the business you have always wanted.

Case Study

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters has thirteen regional offices scattered throughout NY and NJ. For the past several years, the Council has tried to use video conferencing to reduce travel, increase frequency of face-to-face interactions, and improve communication with remote offices. The results were extremely disappointing: poor audio and video quality, connection issues, limited ability to share presentations during a call, inability to connect audio*only participants into a video call, etc. The frustration level was high and, as a result, they stopped using video conferencing altogether.

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