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AV Systems Integration

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LPS designs and integrates audio visual solutions ranging from simple meeting rooms with simple presentation equipment integrated with a video conferencing system, to a corporate boardroom or training facility integrated with state-of-the-art audio, voice, video with multiple cameras and media inputs, and presentation systems controlled by user friendly control and automation technology.

Our solutions are engineered to optimize collaboration between participants in stand-a-lone meeting spaces as well as workplaces outfitted with voice, video, and data sharing communications technologies that enable and enhance collaboration with participants in remote locations.

Our portfolio includes solutions for:

Huddle rooms
Ease of use, relatively low cost, smaller size, and the ability to drive more focused work, are all reasons why technology huddle rooms are the future of collaboration.
Meeting rooms
Larger spaces where integrated audio and video technologies enable companies to meet and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers both domestically and internationally.
Whether you’re looking for an ultra-secure video conferencing system for your Boardrooms or a more powerful system that will bring your message to a crowded lecture hall or stream it over the web, LPS has flexible, easy-to-use endpoints and accessories to meet your needs.
Voice and video integration
LPS integrates voice and video technologies with previously closed meeting rooms to open the resource to remote participants.  The communications capabilities are seamlessly integrated and easy to use.
Control and automation
Our range of easy-to-use devices let you take full control of your meeting environment.

Ultimate control – and an increased ROI – for your various meeting rooms is just one call away. LPS has the solution for your organization!

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Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

Case Study

Iroko’s new building has become a showcase for investors, partners, and clients. The advanced technology and ease of use provides the right combination for employees to be productive without the worry of “will this work today” or “I need someone to set this up”. The LPS hosted video bridging services provide Iroko access to anyone around the globe with high quality video and audio making their meetings and presentations more productive. LEARN WHY LPS

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